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I'm Nick, a strength and weight management coach  based in Scottsdale, AZ. My philosophy is simple and effective. Building a base level of strength is vital to making long term changes in bodyfat, muscle mass, mobility, balance, and the elimination of back and joint pain. A strong body is a safe body. To do so, we focus on strict execution of fundamental barbell and dumbbell exercises. These base exercises allow us to recruit maximum muscle mass to build strength in our shortest possible time frame. Regardless of age, gender, training knowledge, or injury history, building strength is the key to feeling, looking, and moving better. I look forward to speaking with you and helping you become your strongest and healthiest self.

B.A. Chemistry

M.S. Exercise Science-Biomechanics


NSCA-Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Nick Byom

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  •  "I weighed 226 pounds and couldn't do a single incline push up. But, with a steady stream of encouragement and a dose of accountability, Nick has helped me get to 184 pounds and even do multiple pull ups. He will always walk alongside you and root for your success every step of the way. I cannot recommend Nick highly enough and would encourage anyone and everyone to work with him!"

    -Timothy V.-

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    I was coming from a pretty broken place when I began working with Nick. I was out of shape (carrying an extra 40lbs), coming back from injuries, depressed, anxious and broken hearted. He helped me claw my way back to the fierce, confident, strong woman I am now!

    -Leah L.-

  • Very much attuned to me personally; my age, overall health and body type. Nick is great at determining, understanding and establishing realistic limits without limiting potential in order to maximize progress and goals. He is serious, keeps a steady pace, expects work, and blends it with a friendly attitude.

    -Charles M.-

  • "You’ll hear Nick say that his goal is to work himself out of a job by teaching people how to care for themselves and it’s 100% true. I’ve moved from personal training sessions 2-3x a week to online programming and still see the same results because of the foundation Nick laid for me while we were together in person."

    -Jessie F.-

  • "He really listens to what you want to accomplish in the beginning. He tailors every exercise and every day to get you towards your goal. I think my favorite part was also the accountability piece. Whether it was tracking food intake (which I was horrible at but he kept encouraging me) or working out on my days off, you really felt the value in that it wasn’t just an hour or two a week, it was 24/7 encouragement."

    -McKenna B.-


    "Dad knows how to throw the frisbee like no other!"

    -Griswold, my dog-


 Glory Gains Gym is a private training gym located in Scottsdale, AZ.   Members must train with a trainer once per week to maintain membership.

 9171 E Bell Road #102 

 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 



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